After just 10 months with Invisalign I am extremely pleased with the results and the treatment I received with Dr. Padma at North Acton Dental. I was initially hesitant to try Invisalign, but after careful deliberation with Dr. Padma I decided to go for it. Her knowledge and experience with the process was evident in every appointment and she was always readily available for any questions I may have had along the way. Dr. Padma helped make what I thought would be a long and arduous treatment seem painless and effortless. I am now more confident in my smile than ever and I wish I had started the process with her sooner. I would highly recommend Dr. Padma and the North Acton Dental staff for anyone interested in receiving the Invisalign treatment.
-Marco Garbero

The care at North Acton Dental seems very thorough so whenever I have an exam I feel the X-rays,treatment to prevent gum recession, possible gingivitis, etc. as well as the cleanings are all done professionally and efficiently. The entire office is pro active and the staff has great follow-up skills and that is very important to me. The staff at North Acton, namely Dr. Padma, Ginny, Angie and Kristen, is very nice and they always make you feel “warm and cuddly” when you go there. I am especially appreciative of the suggestions of a water pik as well as leading me gently into tooth whitening has been successful. Every procedure has been done with extreme professionalism.
- George Conant

I started as a patient of Dr. Padma’s when she first opened her practice in 2011. I decided at that time that I would make my decision to stay as a patient based on how she was personally and professionally. I liked Dr. Padma’s manner. She is quiet, careful, professional and even has a great sense of humor. She is very sensitive to my dental needs and very conscientious. What I like the best about Dr. Padma is that she is careful in making sure you absolutely know what will be happening as far as getting me to understand the dental procedure. I trust that if she thinks a dental procedure is not going to work for me, she won’t do it. I was having a problem with a tooth and something wasn’t working well and she was going to take me to another specialist to see what they could do for me. That is special. She was happy to go the extra step to make sure I was taken care of. I love our relationship. I was so happy to receive a birthday cake for my birthday from the staff. Where can you go to a dentist or doctor that they remember a birthday cake? Everyone that works there will do anything you want. I like people who I can have fun with and I have fun at this office.
- Rosemarie Coughlin

I wanted to say thank you to everyone at North Acton Dental for the great care you show me and my whole family. Our entire family have been patients of North Acton Dental since Dr. Padma took over the practice. From the minute you walk into the office you feel welcome. My cleaning is always very thorough and my hygienist, regardless of which, is nice and helpful in answering any questions I have about myself or, my children. Dr. Padma is very knowledgeable, provides great insight into the reasons why a procedure is necessary and then does exactly what she described. All the way through the billing, our experience has always been positive. We recommend Dr. Padma to anyone looking for a new dentist!
- Denise Diorio

Thank you Dr. Padma and the wonderful staff at North Acton Dental! I had an implant done earlier this year and finally got my crown. A special thank you to Natalie who went above and beyond to help with tracking down insurance information. It was a pleasure visiting today!
- Catherine P.

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